What Our Clients Say 

“I just don’t see how anyone with all the responsibility of maintaining roads could keep track of everything without using Precinct Tracker.”

Commissioner Katherine Pinotti, Cherokee County

“I want to emphasize that Precinct Tracker enables me to document our work history in a very quick and timely fashion. We are accountable to the tax payers, and Precinct Tracker enables me to do this. Posting on a web site makes it easy for residents to track our work history.” 

Commissioner Danny Bodecker, Hill County

“Using the Service Requests and Work Orders in Precinct Tracker has given us a better way to keep tabs on pending work. It’s also easier and more fuel-efficient to assign the work by areas when you know what jobs still need to be performed.  I also like the detailed monthly reports generated for presentation at Commissioners' Court to help us better track the Road & Bridge work.  Thank You Precinct Tracker!”

Commissioner Bruce Eliker, Bandera County

“In 2007, we had significant flood damage in our precinct. With Precinct Trackerwe were able to easily print reports of all the flood-related work done and turn this in to FEMA for reimbursement purposes.”

Commissioner Heath Sims, Ellis County

“I love having Precinct Tracker! We’re so pleased with the information we get from it.” 

Commissioner Charles Netardus, Lavaca County

Already having Precinct Tracker here made my first days on the job a lot easier. I was able to get a quick handle on the road work that had been done and see where we needed to go in the future.”

Commissioner Roy Parker, Jasper County

"Now I have a lot more confidence in our ability to find answers when we need them. Precinct Tracker makes it easier to document the work we’ve done and how the money was spent ." 

Commissioner Pat McGallion, Hardin County

“I started a Project in Precinct Tracker last summer for all the mowing we did. Now I know what labor, equipment and fuel costs I need to budget for this year.
Also, the folks at Precinct Tracker are very receptive to new ideas and suggestions from their clients. I like that.”

David Vyoral, PE, Road Administrator, Aransas County

“This program has saved me a lot of time. What used to take me almost three days to prepare and gather information and make my own reports, I now can do in a few minutes. Everything is ready to go to Commissioners' Court on Monday. Thanks Precinct Tracker!”

Terry Scott, Assistant Administrator, Llano County Road & Bridge

“This software ROCKS! I just love it. It has saved me so much time and headache. Thanks so much for all your help.”

Gina Champion, Admin. Assistant, Medina County, Pct. 4

Precinct Tracker has made it much easier for us to keep track of our costs, such as labor, equipment, and materials. Now we know where the tax dollars are going!

Dolores Perkins, Secretary to Commissioner George Riggs, Pecos County

 “It’s a neat program. I really do like using it!”

Gail Griswold, Admin. Assist. For Commissioner James Moody, San Jacinto County

“I like having everything organized into one program. Before Precinct Tracker it took much longer to go through all my spreadsheets and compile the monthly reports for all four precincts. This is much easier.”

Lucy Ramos, Admin. Assistant, Aransas County

 “The reports in Precinct Tracker have made it easier for me to do the invoicing for our interlocal agreement with a town in our precinct. They save me at least a day’s work each time I need to do it.”

Kimberly Wooley, formerly Admin. Assist. for Commissioner Laddie McAnally, San Jacinto County

“I like using Projects on major upgrades or repairs to keep track of my costs for GASB reporting. Before Precinct Tracker, I had to do it all by hand, with folders full of paperwork. Now it’s a lot easier to print out one report.”

Danny White, Foreman for Commissioner Roy Parker, Jasper County

"Precinct Tracker was a blessing to have after Hurricane Rita. If the Commissioner or the FEMA representative called and needed information on disaster response work that had been done, it was all recorded in one place. 
...If we had had to do all this by hand, we'd still be working on it!" 

Gail Smith, Secretary for Commissioner Ken Pelt, Hardin County

"With Precinct Tracker, I don't have to spend hours searching through files and handwritten material when I need to find an answer." 

Gina Lowe, Secretary for Commissioner Pat McGallion, Hardin County



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