Self Installation

We mail to you all materials and instructions for installing the program. This is the most cost-effective way to purchase a Precinct Tracker license. Self-installation is easy to do and we provide phone support during the process. We also provide personalized phone support/training to get you up and running, along with a comprehensive printed manual.

Full Service Installation

We come to your office and install the program for you. A one-day visit is included in the cost of this purchase option. Also included during the one-day visit is set-up help and initial training, along with a comprehensive printed manual.


We can pre-load your road list, crew list and equipment list. Pre-loading these lists before installation will save you valuable time and get you up and running quicker. On-site and remote training services are available at a reasonable cost.


Our Experience

Over the years we have worked with Road & Bridge Precincts and Departments in Counties large and small -- ranging from offices with one computer to departments with a network of computers.   Precinct Tracker works for Unit Road systems, for a Single Precinct, and for Multi-Precinct offices (one computer-user keeping records for 2, 3, or 4 Precincts). Whether you're just starting to use computers or have years of experience with them, our goal is to get you up and running quickly and easily at a cost-effective price.

Data Management Services

Other data services are available such as Data Entry, Data Conversion and Data Migrations services.  We can provide a quote for these services once we know what information you have and the scope of the project.


Next Steps...

Call us to discuss your specific needs in person!