Precinct Trackers Features

  •   Record Daily Work, including hours and rates for labor & equipment, plus material costs; optional addition of GPS coordinates for each work location

  • Log Service Requests and generate Work Orders; view Pending Work Orders at a glance

  • Track Equipment Maintenance & expenses; organize equipment parts & service requirements in one place; use standard or special charge rates for equipment used

  • Monitor Fuel and Diesel Use in equipment and vehicles, including outside/rental vehicles

  • Document Incidents (such as flooding or accidents), including work done due to an Incident; new Summary Report for Incidents (FEMA reporting made easier)

  • Catalog roads, bridges and infrastructure, including optional information such as road history, values, GPS coordinates, TXDOT numbers

  • Track Projects with enhanced features, including Daily Work & expenses for the Project; organize Line Locate information

  • Monitor expenses; keep track of some or all of your Invoices; including Invoice line items; manage your Vendor list for use with Invoices and R&B materials

  • Print up-to-date reports quickly and easily; new and enhanced Reports (over 90 available) give a fast in-depth look at your records

  • Find & analyze your records even faster with expanded 'Search' forms; such as:

  • How many times have we bladed that road during the last 5 years?   

  •  When did we put that surface on this road? 

  • How many people have called recently about that one road?

  • Easier record entry with larger Forms; more tabs, easy buttons, added Notes areas; PLUS MANY MORE FEATURES & ENHANCEMENTS

    With all these features and capabilities, probably the most important thing to know about Precinct Tracker is that it's easy to learn and easy to use - an essential long-term factor for getting the most out of any software!