The story of MSE Solutions

Suzanne Airhart started working for her County Commissioner in 1996 as a part-time secretary. She was assigned to update the precinct road inventory, which later led to a job with the Regional Planning Commission's 911 Department.

Working with each of the County Commissioners, she completed the road inventory for the entire county. She then worked with the precinct secretary to define a computer-based system to maintain that inventory and support other precinct needs.

This first version of what was to become Precinct Tracker was custom programmed by her husband Ed to meet that system definition. It went into service in early 1999. Versions with additional capabilities have been introduced and field tested in precinct offices since then.

The current version of Precinct Tracker incorporates all of the experience gained during this process. Based on the results achieved, Suzanne and Ed decided to  form MSE Solutions to provide Precinct Tracker to other counties in Texas and across the nation.